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Kristina Werner’s super fun Weekly Colour Inspiration comes from a line of linens, Bedford Jacquard … from Restoration Hardware

These are the inspiration colours:

This looks SO inviting to me, as I am struggling with this cold & have now lost my voice (that’s what normally happens with me when I get a bad cold.) Ah well, another day of ‘rest’ without guilt for doing bare minimum chores.


Okay, my plan was to make a scrapbook page, but I couldn’t help but make just one more of these Hidden Message Cards.

Open it once and you get this:

and when you open it again, you get:


The little circle on the left of the card is a velcro adhesive from the sewing store, to keep it closed, rather than use a ribbon.

I used “Love without End” and “Wonderful Words” Stamp sets, Circle punches, Versa mark & dark brown Embossing powder (S.U. retired), Velcro Stickies, Close to Cocoa DSP, Spring Silhouettes DSP, Dimensionals, Close to Cocoa & Chocolate Chip Inks, Chocolate Chip CS, Soft Sky CS, Flower, Ice Circle Rhinestone Brads. I think that covers it.

The final card was 4 1/4″ x 6 1/2″ (closed). I stared with 8 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ and then folded it in quarters, plus the two strips of Chocolate Chip Strips of 6 1/2″ x 2″. Scoring was at just over 2″.

For more detailed instructions on how to this kinda of card look at the post from a couple of days ago “my take” on a hidden message card FUN FLIPS Have a good one & looking forward to seeing everybody else entries!


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Sniff, Sniff.

Oh ya, it’s starting, that scratcy throat, & sinus thang. I’m hoping to “make it go away” before it comes in strong. I don’t do the neo citron or sinutab or that sort … I’m a hot bath, freshly squeezed oj, and tea girl, occasionally an advil-blue for those really bad sinus headaches, not to forget the oh so important ‘magic-bag’ heat therapy and lots of water.


My medicine: firstly, heat pad, secondly, TEA.


This is my ‘new’ tea cozy. My old one was made by my grandmother (Emma’s name sake), when I first left for university. It was awesome & kept the tea hot & was knit out of scratchy nylon-wool: all white (Nan thought it looked silly, all white, & not with her signature 2 colours, but she shook her head & the best tea cozy I will ever have flew off of her needles in what seemed like a matter of minutes. After 17 years of use & my attempts to fix it up, it finally was time for a new one. I have no idea why it was so difficult to buy a new one. It took me 6 months of bundling the tea pot up in a towel, before I went out & got this one. It does keep it hot, but ya know.

So then onto my day … kids back & forth to school, homework, piano practice ‘encouragement’, 2 year old with the bad runny nose (thanks for sharing!), & onto the chesterfield, feet up, yet again, and Liam ready to snuggle in to feel better himself.

DH promised to bbq the pork chops & watch the kids while I fended off the scratchy throat. That deserves a tea …

Looking forward to tomorrow … hoping to feel right as rain to go out with a friend and her 4 year old for some kind of outing, museum, or gym & play, something, mostly likely involving a stop at Timmies for us.

The housework didn’t get done today, never got to my bible study that’s on tap for discussion this week & there are errands that are still hanging over me, but that’s what another day is for. I started off this post as whining & complaining & now I have come to the conclusion that it’s good to be ‘forced’ to slow down every now & again. Sniff, sniff.

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This is a hidden message card that I first learned of from my demonstrator, Marlayne. She did a fantanstic card at one of her great workshops, a couple of years ago. Her hidden message was a CALENDAR (6 months on one side, flip & then the other 6 months. Clever!) I’m nudging Marlayne now to make a video demo of this, I’m not sure how clear it is just by still frames.

This is my take at how to do the card. I made it MUCH bigger than it’s suppose to be for demonstration purposes, but if you’re like me, you can fudge it (make it half the size) by just going by the quartered fold lines of whatever size you choose. I chose 8 1/2″ x11″ piece of C/Stock (final card came out 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″), comme ça:

Fold it in quarters & then unfold & you end up with a ‘w’ or ‘m’.

Okay, now to score it. Because this was a BIG card, I cut it twice with spacing at 2.75″.

Be sure to unfold it, so that it is only cut in the middle of the card.

Unfold & you have a kinda’ ‘mountain’ and ‘valley’ folded card. This is good for ‘pop-up’ cards too.

I used some different colours of paper to better show (the stripes are 8 1/2″ by just under 2 3/4″ (like an 8th of an inch under). So whatever size paper you use, use like an 1/8th of an inch less than the quarter fold).

Weave. Just like you did as a kid in elementary school. Thank you Mrs. Allingham!

Okay and here’s what so cute about the card. It flips: (man this would have been more clear in video format, like I mentioned)

Pull on the sides & it flips shut & flattens out again. TAH DAH. My kids loved to play with this. I didn’t notice Malcolm’s paw in the picture, until now, but see what I mean? “Can I try it now, how ’bout now?”

Now, you may want to secure it a bit, but be careful where you glue. I glued in two spots only. Not sure how well you can see, but glue one “quadrant” on the mustard yellow strip:

and glue one spot/quadrant for the other strip:

What else have we done? Well, Malcolm’s (Star Wars) birthday coming up & we decided to make our own secret hidden message birthday invites! This was the first one we made. “Come Join Us at Malcolm’s Party”. We might add a velcro stickie (underneath R2D2) to secure it, but ribbon would be nice too.

After the flip to the hidden message, are the details of the Party. The back looks like just a weave, that’s why it’s better to have just one colour, IMO.

and Bob’s your Uncle!

My appologies for the “not so well lit” pictures … it’s been a bit dark, & rainy, autumn like, here in Ottawa. BRRR. Not sure what happened to our summer weather we were experiencing, but now I don’t feel so guilty about hanging around the house.

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This card will be for my friend Melinda. She is a wonderful, giving person that I have know since my oldest was in ‘baby’ library group with her oldest. She is not a crafter. Period. In many ways we are very dissimilar, but good friends none the less. As we were going for a walk today, (she is excellent at motivating me to go on power walks), her with her youngest in the ‘uber off roadin’ jogger’ & me with Liam in the bouncy pram, she said, “Did you mention that you wanted to walk to the store for fruit & cheap foamy shaving cream, not the gel kind”. She poked fun at me for a bit & said ‘was the shaving cream for Mike or me’. I told her I was using it for crafting, to make marble like patterned paper. Her response: “okay then”.

I used the tutorial from Marlayne, the best demonstrator, I know! She made this groovy card where the shaving cream effect was like the waves of the ocean. Here’s a quick break down of how it worked … but really check out Marlayne’s tutorial for a more clear demo.

I reused the same cream & same drops, might as well, right? & experimented with other c/stock.

Okay, I’m thinking this turned out more like clouds rather than water. Ah well, change of direction.

I used the Martha Stewart Butterfly punch, as inspired by Dawn & also reminded that I wanted to try it again by Lydia. I wanted to add some bling on the wing, but decided against it … that’ll be another card.

So: Stamp Set: ‘Miracle of Spring’, Paper: Glossy Stock, Ballet Blue CS, Ballet Blue Ink, White Ink, Martha Stewart Punch, Cuttlebug Embossing Folders (using Sizzix machine & Converter, and dimensionals.

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I saw Vera’s card and felt inspired to try Wax Paper Resist. I have done wax paper resist, but it’s been a few years, so I checked out the very helpful tutorial on SplitCoastStampers, as per Vera’s suggestion.

So I did the whole two sheets of Glossy card stock, facing inward & sandwiched the crumpled & reflattened wax paper inbetween the two, ironed it, & then went to brayer on some colour.

I decided to do more than one colour, so I also masked circles:

Most of the time, I never have anything mocked up of what I want the final card to look like. It just sorta’ comes together & I often change my stream of thought 4 or 5 times. I like to think of it as creatively musing, rather than hopelessly disorganized.

I cropped it into a circle card (unplanned, but hopelessly hooked on Kristina Werners’s Cards) & here ya be:

I used Sage Shadow, Mellow Moss, Certainly Celery, & Old Olive Inks, Sage Shadow C/Stock, The Stamp Set was ‘Pensées Amicales’, & used some dimensionals & gross grain ribbon.

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I really love these blues and greens together. I laugh when I say ‘blue and green’ because somewhere rattling around my brain I hear “blue and green should only be seen when they are in the washing machine & red & pink stink”. Why? I dunno, it was just something I heard as a kid.

The flowers, coloured with marker, lots of different markers, yes … too many, but Liam is learning colours & it is just too cute “twy boo, now twy wewwo …” ‘Time for Liam to go to bed, so Mummy can finish this up.’

Beate has a tutorial on Trifold Cards on Splitcoaststampers & this is my go at it using ‘Blue and Green’:

I used two sided Spring Silhouettes DSP and I dunno, Beates instructions were so clear and wonderful, but I am a morning person, and should not try to follow instructions late in the evening. I just kept cutting & trimming & tweeking and well so it is not as well laid out as hers.

I thought it would be nice to hide the ribbon at the back, so I added one more layer onto the card & brought it up at the front & folded it over … does that make sense? Here’s the back, with the ribbon hidden under the green pattern:

Used a crimper for a different texture on the trim of the card.

You can see the crimping better when you open the card:

Here’s the gallery with a bunch of other wonderful examples of trifold cards.

The stamps set I used was ‘Tout un Mode’, Soft Sky CS, & Spring Silhouettes DSP, SS SU Markers, Ribbon, & a crimper.

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Kristina‘s Colour Inspiration this week is from Mystic Valley Traders:

The Stampin’ Up Colours that were pulled are:

and very little Wasabi:

The tools I used were:

Very straight forward. A note pad, a rectangle punch to make the rings fit, cording (honestly, the match to Sahara Sand was uncanny, Pumpkin Brads & flowers, & pretty much what you see.

This is what I ended up with:

The idea for the book of blessings came from Dawn, she had asked people to send in their blessings & when you stop to think about it, all the stuff that upsets you or brings you down, just goes away! Anyways, I thought a blessings note book would be fun.

My apologies for the colours, those nasty halogen lights, I should really learn how to use the settings on my camera a bit better to compensate, but that would take away from time for crafts …. nah.

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