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Well, my oldest son is now 7 years old. Wow. We had 5 boys from his class over to celebrate, STAR WARS style. From birthday invites to asteroid games, all STAR WARS, what a blast. Thank goodness it was a sunny beautiful afternoon.

We had an asteriod field of balloons to pop. ( I have learned that boys like to break and smash things)

Even Liam got in on the act, although I didn’t “tie” him to a parter, for saftey reasons. He still wanted the “tie” though, so that’s what that blue thing is around his waist.

The Home Made Death Star Piñata was a, excuse the pun, ‘hit’. Each boy got a go at it and then it exploded chocolate, candies and toys. I’m glad I put an extra layer of paper-maché on it, those were some hard hits. The boys had to wear the Darth Vader mask & take a swing with their “light saber”. Too funny.

The tripple layer brownie CAKE … Do you see little brother, trying to ‘help’?

Happy 7th birthday, Malcolm!


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Okay. My oldest son is totally into Star Wars. Thank you Uncle Roland, last year introducing him to the two trilogy’s.

Last October, our Halloween costumes were Star Wars. Then there was the new curtains & quilt to sew: Malcolm wanted me to make him a Star Wars bedroom, and we even have the Star Wars Lego game for the Wii.

When we talked about Malcolm’s birthday, he wanted it to be a Star Wars, (wait maybe Pokémon) , no STAR WARS, definitely STAR WARS birthday. Right.

Didn’t want to spend too much time on something that was going to be smashed up. Here’s my go at a “a quick and inexpensive piñata” Death Star for Malcolm’s party next week.

Start with one of those big “paddle” balloons, glue mixed with water, strips of newspaper, strips of paper towels, somewhere to hang it (preferably in the basement over the utility sink) and an APRON:

Then cover it. Warning: It’s messy. It was also pretty HEAVY, so I supported with a small garbage can, which did leave a bit of a ring shape on it. It takes a couple of days to dry, but then you can just POP the balloon on the inside with an exacto knife & it deflates, leaving the paper-maché piñata

Hmmm somewhere to put the candy, gonna need a bigger hole:

Then CUT it, with an exacto knife or sharp scissors:

Then you have this:

Okay, now I have that big “dent” circle in from where the garbage can (the white support there in the above picture) made an impression when it was drying. Maybe that can be the ‘satelite’ thing. Done. Now onto painting it.

More Painting, yah it was pretty rough, but the 2 year old is close by, and wants to ‘help’, so better get this done quickly:

That’s it. I put fishing line through it, to invisibly hang it up. You may or may not be able to see it at the top there. We’ll need to pick up some candy & patch/tape up the hole. Hmmm Maybe a light saber to beat it …

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This is a hidden message card that I first learned of from my demonstrator, Marlayne. She did a fantanstic card at one of her great workshops, a couple of years ago. Her hidden message was a CALENDAR (6 months on one side, flip & then the other 6 months. Clever!) I’m nudging Marlayne now to make a video demo of this, I’m not sure how clear it is just by still frames.

This is my take at how to do the card. I made it MUCH bigger than it’s suppose to be for demonstration purposes, but if you’re like me, you can fudge it (make it half the size) by just going by the quartered fold lines of whatever size you choose. I chose 8 1/2″ x11″ piece of C/Stock (final card came out 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″), comme ça:

Fold it in quarters & then unfold & you end up with a ‘w’ or ‘m’.

Okay, now to score it. Because this was a BIG card, I cut it twice with spacing at 2.75″.

Be sure to unfold it, so that it is only cut in the middle of the card.

Unfold & you have a kinda’ ‘mountain’ and ‘valley’ folded card. This is good for ‘pop-up’ cards too.

I used some different colours of paper to better show (the stripes are 8 1/2″ by just under 2 3/4″ (like an 8th of an inch under). So whatever size paper you use, use like an 1/8th of an inch less than the quarter fold).

Weave. Just like you did as a kid in elementary school. Thank you Mrs. Allingham!

Okay and here’s what so cute about the card. It flips: (man this would have been more clear in video format, like I mentioned)

Pull on the sides & it flips shut & flattens out again. TAH DAH. My kids loved to play with this. I didn’t notice Malcolm’s paw in the picture, until now, but see what I mean? “Can I try it now, how ’bout now?”

Now, you may want to secure it a bit, but be careful where you glue. I glued in two spots only. Not sure how well you can see, but glue one “quadrant” on the mustard yellow strip:

and glue one spot/quadrant for the other strip:

What else have we done? Well, Malcolm’s (Star Wars) birthday coming up & we decided to make our own secret hidden message birthday invites! This was the first one we made. “Come Join Us at Malcolm’s Party”. We might add a velcro stickie (underneath R2D2) to secure it, but ribbon would be nice too.

After the flip to the hidden message, are the details of the Party. The back looks like just a weave, that’s why it’s better to have just one colour, IMO.

and Bob’s your Uncle!

My appologies for the “not so well lit” pictures … it’s been a bit dark, & rainy, autumn like, here in Ottawa. BRRR. Not sure what happened to our summer weather we were experiencing, but now I don’t feel so guilty about hanging around the house.

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I am throughly motivated by MACM (Make a Card Monday) that I first discovered over Christmas time while surfing on YouTube. Kristina has asked if we had any questions for her, only stipulation is the question had to be via video. If you have seen her videos you’ll know how groovy they are, the camera angle, the speed, the music & of course Kristina and her creativity! Here’s our question:

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