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Dance, Jump, and Move.

Emma had her Grade 2 R.A.D. Ballet “presentation” this week. She was very excited. Everything had to be spotless for the examiner. I ironed her character skirt that morning. The kids watched me ironing & asked “what is THAT?”. I’d like to say that I iron after they go to bed, but that would be a lie … 🙂 DH laughed, as I had to as well.

She did quite well on her jumping especially! Toes pointed, height, & soft landings.

Here is a scrapbook layout of Emma from a couple of years ago, working on, what else? Her jumping.


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Little Liam

Liam was the last of the kids to get sick … poor kid. He had it pretty bad. Thankfully was improving on Friday/Saturday. Just in time for Mike & I to have the flu thing? I dunno. Sigh. We have some pretty awesome neighbours & they took Emma & Malcolm after school with their kids & kept them until early that evening. “No worries, I’m make pizza for them, watch a movie, you just take it easy”. That was a God-send! Having friends & family … can’t tell you what it means.

This layout (pics from last autumn) uses the S.U. new “Rub-Ons“. They kinda remind me of those temporary tattoos the kids put on their arms, with no water. As you can see, Liam doesn’t sleep with out Pooh Bear.

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Liam is napping, (so far he hasn’t picked up the bug his siblings had), so I thought I’d try out my Stamp-a-ma-jig (without helping hands). This is my first go at it & it seems to centre things much better than my own eye does. I see Kristina Werner use it all the time on her tutorials & her stuff looks great. (Wild Wasabi, Purely Pomegranate, Seeing Spots, So Many Scallops, Terrific Tulips, Ruby Red Maker, Scallop Punch) Okay back to my chores, enough!

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I bought these 12×12 file folder boxes at Staples. They came with just 6, I believe, hanging files, but you can purchase extra … of course. I now have enough for the Stampin’ Up 4 Colour Families.

After looking around different websites like iSTAMP , NoTimeToStamp , CaptureTheMoment, and a few others. I thought I liked the file folder style best. That way bitty scraps can go back in & be recycled.


I have been watching too many organizing shows with Peter Walsh, I guess, because I cut up my old S.U. CatalogueSSSS and used them for the labeling.

I also cut the precious catalogues up to make a binder of what stamp sets I have & examples of using them. (still under construction)









It’s not all that wide, but then again, it doesn’t take up all that room on the desk top.




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& sharing with Malcolm …

Okay so Emma-Sian is all better & will be going off to school this morning. Malcolm; however, about 1/2 before supper last night, “My tummy huuuuuuurts”. Isn’t it nice when sibblings share? I guess this house has been hit with a virus, that thankfully passes quickly. Malcolm is quite upset that he isn’t allowed to go to school, because he feels better. I told him to give it a meal or two & I had already left a message for the school last night. He is not pleased.

I only have 3 children. I think of my grandmothers, one with 6 children, one with 13 children. Can you imagine how much washing alone those women did? I guess they were too busy to think about it.
The reason I do crafts … my wee therapy LOL. Above are some pages of Malcolm (from a few years ago).

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Emma-Sian (pronounced: shawn)

Emma is home sick today, “I don’t feeeeel good Mum, my tummy hurts …” hmmm, no fever, a bit pale”. Well better safe than sorry. It was a good idea … she didn’t last long & there is a bucket by the bed. At least at 8 years old they give you warning. 🙂 I’m trying to keep Liam (2) away from her & keep it rather quiet. Poor kiddo. I am reminded that all these little sickness build their immune system for strength.

Above are some scrapbook pages of her, some from years ago & the “off the dock” was this summer, when we went to a friends cabin near Val-Des-Monts, Quebec, where we had a fabulous time there. Back to checking on her to see if she’s still snoozin’ okay.

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The provincial government had declared Monday, February 18th as Family Day. A holiday for many in Ontario … stores closed, hope you remembered to buy your milk yesterday. We had thought about going skating on the canal or tobogganing; however, the weather didn’t cooperate. Instead, we decided to go 5 pin bowling, at the local lanes

We had a blast, Emma had 2 strikes in a row (so close to a turkey) & Malcolm had many a spare. Liam, 2, wanted to do it all on his own & being that the ball was heavy, but pint size, he managed to slowly get it to the other side & almost beat my score … it was fun. All electronic so we just needed to corral the kids. The neon lights/glow in the dark dance part was a blast for all . We ended off going out for lunch at ESM

All & all a relaxing day.

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