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Pie, mmmm

We have a potluck with two other families tonight, with copious amounts of seafood (mussels/shrimps), steaks, ribs, roasted veggies, rice dishes, on and on.  We are responsible for one pie, ribs, pizza for the kids, and caesar salad.  I am also going to be bringing a surprise appetizer of Cod Tongues (an east coast fav, hoping it’ll be loved as much as I do.  Plus, I just wanna see their faces when I tell them what it is).

I’ve got the pie done.  Thanks, Martha, for the recipe.  Lemon Meringue Pie:

More work than Apple, Rhubarb, or Pecan, but TOTALLY worth it.


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Break out the recipe box, my son wants cake with my mum’s famous Fudge Icing. Last year I made him a Pirate Treasure cake (loaf pan, sliced and then propped open with icing and chocolate gold coins). I thought this year we’d try to make maybe a Boba Fett head cake or R2D2 … or maybe. “Mum, Mum? hello? I just want a tripple layer chocolate cake with FUDGE Icing” ‘No R2?, but we could …” “No Mum, just the cake you made before”. Well okay, kinda’ boring, but it’s Malcolm’s birthday. He is right, triple layer cakes are awesome, with icing every where mmmm. Okay here we go:

I’m using a brownie recipe of my mum’s, doubling it & putting it in 3 nine inch pans. We’ll see if that works. Brownies are just awesome.

Measure it out … wow, that’s a lot, but it is a double recipe:

I wonder if it’ll fit in the ole’ mix master? I think I should put the marshmallows in by hand later.

Okay, get the pans ready to flour:

and mix in the marshmallows and divy it up, bake, and turn out onto cooling racks, mmmm BROWNIES (no nuts, please):

Drum Roll for “the UBER Chocolate Icing” …

Oh my mum popped in (she lives in town) and took a bit of a break. She didn’t want me to take her picture because she forgot to put on lipstick. I think she looks great.

Okay, kids have been picked up & mum is now heading off, so back to recipe: Quadruple the icing recipe so there are lots between each layer and voila. Not real pretty, but really, really good:

Okay, that’ll be ready for tomorrow, one thing off of the check list. I should have included a picture of Malcolm licking the beaters, with his face coated up to his forehead in chocolate, so excited about his birthday. That one I’m keeping in my minds eye, unforgettable.

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Tiny Cupcakes

I saw Angie Dudley on Martha Stewart’s show, & she was baking up a storm. She came with a really neat idea I thought was very clever.  It’s a two step recipe, but doesn’t look all that difficult.

Just thought it would be fun to share.  Cute, no?

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